Here at beliefseed, we’re all about believing what seems impossible to believe.

We know every belief starts out small, a tiny thought, a seed of an idea inside of our head.

With the right nurturing, focus, and appreciation, that idea – that belief can grow.

This is what we’re all about. Helping you to grow your belief in you.

To nurture the belief in yourself. To know HOW to believe in yourself.

And to continually build that belief as you create incredible results for you, for the world.

We’re here to help you do just that.

We don’t just talk about this in theory. We’ve put this concept to the test to create amazing results for ourselves and our clients.

Here’s a bit about our story.

Meet Lisa (she/her), Your Confidence Coach at beliefseed

Lisa headshot

Wherever you’re at in your journey in self belief, you’re in the right place. Jordan and I have gone through our own share of belief seeding and we’re here to help you do the same. We’ve transformed our lives, our careers, our health, our spirituality through this work.

So can you.

I used to be stuck in a self doubt, anxious spiral. It stopped me from speaking up at work. It sucked me into people pleasing galore. It made it so it took forever to make decisions. And then I’d second guess every decision I made. I was able to mask my insecurity for the most part, but eventually I couldn’t keep up the charade. No matter what I tried (overworking, not eating anything, emotionally eating every sweet around, therapy, prescriptions, constant validation seeking), I couldn’t escape. I began to consider a career change. That felt like giving up. But I didn’t know what else to do. But there was this belief, this tiny voice inside, that knew there had to be another way. A better way. A way I just wasn’t seeing yet.

So I went to work to grow that belief. Now, I no longer rely on food to feel better. I lost 30 pounds and maintain my weight easily and healthily. I am no longer at the whim of my anxiety. Instead I know how to manage it so I can sleep at night and use the energy that used to be spent worrying to be highly focused and productive. I speak up at work, in my way, not in some way that doesn’t feel like me. I make decisions from a place of knowing me and I take action without always feeling like I have to prove myself to the world.

Meet Jordan, Your Technology Nerd at beliefseed

Howdy! Jordan here. I co-founded beliefseed with my wife Lisa.

My first taste of personal development came at a young age listening to bits of my dad’s Tony Robbins CDs in the car. I started devouring personal development books, podcasts, and documentaries in college.

But that information alone wasn’t enough. 

A few years out of college I chose to face my issues and addictions head on. I’ve gone from feeling out of control to empowered. I lost 35 pounds and ran a half marathon. I’ve been completely sober for a few years. I taught myself to program and got my dream job as a software engineer at my favorite company. It took discipline, persistence, patience, and belief in myself. I’ve seen first hand how the seeds you plant, with time, can grow and manifest.

You can create your transformation story, too. You can grow your belief in you.

Just like a seed prospers with healthy soil, water, and sun, we can help ourselves grow through how we nurture ourselves. By knowing how to trust ourselves. Accept ourselves. Love ourselves. Take responsibility. Lean into discomfort. And create feelings on purpose. 

You can, too.