feel, no justification needed


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We can hold ourselves back from expressing how we feel because we think others have it worse, or because we think we should wait to feel better until we’re farther along with whatever it is we’re doing.

But feelings don’t need to be justified. You don’t need to look for or create a “good” or “worthy” reason to feel how you feel.

Your feeling is your experience. That’s reason enough to feel it – no explanation needed.

You get to feel it for what it is, now. You don’t have to justify or explain it to yourself or anyone else.

This 5 minute video shares more.

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Written by: Lisa Philyaw

Lisa is a Confidence Coach and co-founder of beliefseed. She has coached over 1,000 clients, has a Master’s in Psychology, and is a Certified Life Coach. Her mission is to help people show up fully as themselves so they can take charge of their life, their way.